2017–2018 quarterly catch-up

Sun, 27 May 2018

A special quadruple quarterly report (lol). I got way behind on this sort of planning. Turns out having a baby while writing a book and working full-time makes you sorta busy. Here are some things I did in the past year, as well as older accomplishments less recent (that I am retiring from the home page).

Done over the past year

From a while ago

Retiring this stuff from Recently:

  • Led several teams of people to design new typography tools.   May 2017
  • Reorganized & painted bedrooms.   May 2017
  • Built basement shelves like this.   Apr 2017
  • Read Zita the Spacegirl books (Legends/Return) with my kids.   Mar 2017
  • Gave a virtual seminar at UIE’s UX Symposium.   Mar 2017
  • Got through a bout of Lyme disease.   Feb 2017
  • Set a variety of projects in motion.   Jan 2017
  • Bought new smoke detectors. (Replace yours every 10 years.)   Dec 2016
  • Built a workbench.   Dec 2016
  • Voted, then spent time processing the election results.   Nov 2016
  • Helped launch Typekit Marketplace and Typekit Platform at Adobe MAX.   Nov 2016
  • Talked about variable fonts with Jeff Veen on his podcast, Presentable.   Oct 2016