Tim Brown

Coming soon: Flexible Typesetting

It is a beautiful book, well-conceived, painstakingly executed with a fine attention to detail. I can’t believe that you want to do web design: what a horrible place to do fine typography, a refined practice for which you obviously have an eye.

That’s a note from one of my favorite teachers, Clifton Meador, about my final project one semester (a typeset, bound book). I learned so much from Clif, and I can understand why he felt that way about web design. But 15 years ago, when I received that note, I felt there was something special about typography on the web.

Now, after building dozens of websites, learning a lot, and helping many people use fonts as Head of Typography at Adobe, I know why typography on the web is so special. So, I wrote a book to explain it.

My new book is called Flexible Typesetting, and it will be published by A Book Apart this summer. I absolutely cannot wait for you to read it, because we have so much to talk about. That’s all I’ll say for now. Follow @typesetting and @abookapart on Twitter. And for a sneak preview of the book, listen to Shop Talk Show episode #314.

Update: A Book Apart #27, Flexible Typesetting.