2017 Q1–Q2 report

Thu, 22 Jun 2017

A special double quarterly report. Here are some things I did so far this year, as well as older accomplishments less recent (that I am retiring from the home page).

Done last quarter

  • Led several teams of people to design new typography tools.   May 2017
  • Reorganized & painted bedrooms.   May 2017
  • Built basement shelves like this.   Apr 2017
  • Read Zita the Spacegirl books (Legends/Return) with my kids.   Mar 2017
  • Gave a virtual seminar at UIE’s UX Symposium.   Mar 2017
  • Got through a bout of Lyme disease.   Feb 2017
  • Set a variety of projects in motion.   Jan 2017

From a while ago

Retiring this stuff from Recently: