Quarterly report

Mon, 11 Jul 2016

Time for a quarterly report. I’ll list some things I did in the past few months, and retire accomplishments less recent.

Done last quarter

  • Shared ideas about new typographic tools with Adobe design leadership. Imagine the previous bullet about algorithms and machine learning, plus my thoughts over at Universal Typography.   June 2016
  • Talked separately with the Typekit team, Adobe researchers, and Jon Gold (who recently penned a couple of great blog posts), about algorithmic typography and machine learning.   June 2016
  • Started this blog. Hello world.   May 2016
  • Called in to Shop Talk Show. Chris and Dave were kind enough to share my thoughts on modular scales and vertical rhythm.   May 2016
  • Worked on design patterns for Typekit integrations. More about that later this year.   April 2016

From a while ago

Retiring this stuff from Recently:

  • Talked with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert on Shop Talk Show #172. This was amazing! I’m a huge fan of the show.   Jun 2015
  • Spoke at An Event Apart San Diego. Thanks, as always, to Toby, Marci, Stephen, Mike, Sean, Eric, and Jeffrey. Nothing like AEA.   Jun 2015
  • Wrote Good looking typography for Dear Design Student.   May 2015
  • Wrote Paying for type for Dear Design Student.   Apr 2015
  • Gave the closing talk at Industry. Gavin Elliot puts on a stellar event, and Newcastle Upon Tyne is a beautiful place.   Apr 2015
  • Spoke at An Event Apart Seattle. Amazing event, beautiful city, very cool hotel, and the best speakers dinner ever.   Mar 2015
  • Spoke at An Event Apart Atlanta. Demonstrated a new kind of typesetting tool that uses font metrics to offer recommended font-sizes, line lengths, and line heights, and simulates the result in multiple contexts at once.   Feb 2015
  • Wrote about Typekit’s ethos.   Feb 2015