Practicing Typography Basics

Tue, 2 Jan 2024

I recently recorded a short video series that Adobe is now releasing on YouTube as part of the Foundations of Graphic Design series. In these videos, I cover making body text easy to read, catching attention with display text, guiding readers through information, and learning how typography feels.

Many good “typography basics” videos already explain the worldly importance of typography and illustrate terminology. So instead, I wanted to emphasize the intangible practices and judgments that make a difference for great typography and help us stay sharp.

Thanks to Sandeep Kulkarni for championing domain expertise. Shout-outs to Wendy Strauss, Shanti Sparrow, Meghan Ryan, Jessie Smith, Amanda Dowd, Brian Wood, and the whole Learn team. Thanks to Ben Welch for helping me set a down-to-earth tone, supplying great examples, and sharing audio advice.

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