Helpful resources on racism & police reform from Jason Kottke

Sat, 13 Jun 2020

The reason that black people are in the streets has to do with the lives they’re forced to lead in this country. And they’re forced to lead these lives by the indifference and the apathy and a certain kind of ignorance — a very willful ignorance — on the part of their co-citizens.

That's James Baldwin, excerpted by Jason, who prefaces it by saying:

Hi. I wanted to take today to compile a sampling of what Black people (along with a few immigrant and other PoC voices) are saying. [...] I am trying to listen. Is America finally ready to listen? Are you ready?

In recent weeks, has helped me focus on people, words, and images that both deserve and demand my attention and support. I am extremely grateful when Jason steers his resource-gathering and social analysis efforts & skills toward current events in the service of people who are disadvantaged and/or suffering.

For starters, listen. Please, today, set a timer for 10 minutes and try to absorb some of this:

Consider these as a set, and think about how this compounds hardship over generations:

And so much more:

Jason has also highlighted stunning art, rich literature, and arresting performances by Black creators. A goldmine of things to follow up on, support, and share further.