National Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 deal for educators

Tue, 7 May 2019

This week, educators can get a free ebook version of Flexible Typesetting, plus an invitation to the private Slack group where readers and I share ideas about lesson plans. Send me an email describing your teaching work in two sentences, and I’ll send you a code to download the ebook at no charge.

Published in July, Flexible Typesetting is already required reading in elite design programs and has encouraged some to rethink core curriculum. Let's keep the trend going.

Thank you!

I offered this deal back in January too, and more than 100 teachers took me up on it. Learning from them has been excellent, and I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you, too.

My teachers

Finally, thanks to the teachers who continue to influence my life. From the acknowledgements of Flexible Typesetting:

Thanks to George Laws for opening my mind to the abstraction, balance, and systems in graphic design and type, for his mentoring, and for our breakfasts. Thanks to Arthur Hoener for introducing me to typography and giving me work opportunities that catalyzed my career. Thanks to Anne Galperin and Clif Meador for helping me think critically and find confidence. Thanks to Mr. Mahon for making me feel at home in art class. Thanks to the elementary school teachers who shaped and cared for me, including Mr. Weiss, Mr. Cafon, Ms. Oliver, Mr. Schmidt, and Ms. Hart.