Remember this moment

Wed, 22 Jun 2016

Every day, I wake up and can’t wait to start work. It’s been that way for at least ten years. This is such an exciting moment. For sharing ideas, making tools, and actually practicing typography. We are designing in the fourth dimension, and we are disoriented.

Later, when we look back, I want to remember that I tried hard to understand this moment's historical significance, and its potential to influence the future, as I decided how to spend my time. I want to remember that I was careful. That I paid attention. That I enjoyed trying to orient myself.

And I want to remember that it was incredibly frustrating. My brain and hands want to design with tools that don’t exist yet. Only time and effort will make those tools real, and waiting – having to spend my life convincing others about the significance of this moment, and having to refocus my energy repeatedly as we crawl toward answers – is agonizing.