New: Notes blog

Tue, 21 Apr 2009

When I started writing Nice Web Type in college, I did not want to blog. Seven years, a backpack full of web typography resources, some moleskines full of thoughts, and time spent with a great bookmarking service can change one's mind.

It is impossible to know everything. I never wanted to blog because I feared I had neither an expert nor a unique voice to lend. So I read, and learned, a lot.

When I was privileged to use the bookmarking service Ma.gnolia, I began to share the things I was reading and the ways in which I interpreted those things. I did not want to stop! I contributed bookmarks to Ma.gnolia from 2006–2009. Then, in February of 2009, Ma.gnolia experienced severe data loss and ceased to exist.

But along the way I changed my mind about blogging.

I still dislike the term. Typing it makes my fingers feel lethargic, and I try at all costs to avoid saying it out loud. But blogging is just a different kind of sharing, and I thought of a way it can work for me. For now anyway, it can be like glue.

When I find a suitable replacement for Ma.gnolia, Nice Web Type's Notes blog can help you, my reader, stay abreast of migrated bookmarks. Notes will also allow me to bind bookmarks together by comparison, contextualization, or just added emphasis via a blog post (in addition to a bookmark in some service).

I'm still no expert, and I doubt that what I have to say hasn't already been said. But what I can do is take the nuggets I know about and show them to you. Maybe my own brand of learning-in-public can be for you what so many websites have been for me.

Want to see my notes?